Top 10 Internet Income Opportunities

Top 10 Internet Income Opportunities

Now that the Internet has revolutionized so many things, including how we make money, you might wonder what the top Internet income opportunities are. What follows is a list of the top 10 Internet income opportunities.

1) Affiliate marketing - This is where you sign up to sell things for a merchant online--except, you don't do any selling. You simply agree to allow the merchant to feature a place on your website where visitors can visit them and buy from them. Every time they go to his website through yours and make a purchase, you get a commission. All you want to do is continue putting great content on your website to attract the visitors and some of them will inevitably buy.

2) eBay - Yes, you too can create an eBay storefront and become an auctioneer extraordinaire. This one requires keeping a little inventory, which most Internet income opportunities do not. However, if you choose to turn a hobby or a passion into a business, you'll just be making money by selling stuff that you would have bought in the first place. This income opportunity is a lot of fun if you have the right temperament.

3) Blogging for bucks is similar to affiliate marketing - But bloggers tend to make their money through featuring advertising, such as Google AdSense and others. They are entitled to commissions on ad click-throughs, and the deeper the click-through goes the higher the commission. Again, bloggers need to keep their content very fresh and interesting to generate the needed traffic to make it profitable.

4) Using the Internet to trade in the stock market - Now this requires some expertise--but, not nearly as much as most people think, or at least not the kind they think. Investing does not have to be a crap shoot or a game of blackjack. Probably the best person from whom you can learn how to use investing to make a steady stream of income and big bucks is Ken Roberts.

5) Buying foreclosure properties - Foreclosure properties are auctioned off at a fraction of their true market value because banks make no money from just holding properties: they make money from selling mortgages on properties. You can use the Internet to find these hot deals rapidly, buy them, and then resell them ("flip" them) at their true market value to people who want a house.

6) Freelancing - Freelance ghost writers and copy writers can make very big money. So can freelance graphic artists and other freelancers in other fields. You can use the Internet to quickly reach out to a vast audience and find clients in your field.

7) Starting your own business with a virtual office - You can use the Internet to set up a business which requires no renting of office space; no other office maintenance expenses; no commute; and no set hours. You would just have to set up any employees with the needed computer and software. You have minimal start up costs and great freedom.

8) Being a wholesale drop shipment retailer - All you need is an account with a wholesaler and a website and an Internet market campaign. You never touch the inventory but still get paid for it!

9) Doing paid surveys - This doesn't work for most people because most "opportunities" with this are in fact scams. But the legit ones pay big. Check out this site for guidance: (http://www.best-survey.com/paidsurveyreviews/)

10) Telecommuting - With this you do work for someone else, but you have (usually) flexible hours and no commute. This is becoming ever more popular with workers and owners.

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